• Testimonials

  • I have finally found a good honest dentist in San Diego.

    For the past year I have been putting off getting my cavities filled since I didn't have dental insurance. I finally went to a dentist off Mira mesa and he was horrible and dishonest.

    Im so glad Dr. Charlton. I first met him as I was giving him his eye exam. He seemed very down to earth and knowledgeable about teeth!

    The front staff is very nice and explained all my insurance questions. I know how it can be a pain to explain insurance but everyone I talked to was very willing to help me. I love Veronica who cleaned my teeth. She was ridiculously thorough as well gentle.

    Recently I got my cavities filled and after 1.5 hours there wasn't even much pain. Dr. Charlton made sure the anesthetic shot wasnt painful for me. His assistant was very kind as well. They have dvd goggles you can wear to pass the time with a variety of shows from sex and city to movies. The office is very clean downstairs smell like a dentist office since they have candles in the waiting room.

    Prices are very reasonable and they don't try to make you have unnecessary work done.

    Dr. Charlton is the best dentist I have ever had! He even personally called me to see how my fillings were this morning. Im referring everyone here!!!!

    Cindy W.

  • I have been going to Dr. Charlton for years and feel very comfortable with him and his staff. Everyone is very friendly, extremely knowledgable and thorough. I have not had a bad experience with them at all. I feel it is really hard to find a great dentist as I have had bad ones. I recently decided to try another dentist out that was closer to home and the experience was just ok but I did not feel 100% comfortable with the dentist and the staff. Therefore, I decided I would go back to Dr. Charlton. It was end of year and I realized that I had to spend some money so that I could claim my FSA money back. I called Dr. Charlton a week before year end to schedule recommended treatments from a year and a half ago. They squeezed me in with a new reassessment and two appointments for two crowns. It was very easy to make the appointment, the staff is friendly/helpful, they were sensitive to my needs, I did not have to wait when I arrived and they were very clear on the treatment and results as well the the facility is spotless. I realize that it is worth to drive the distance for a great dentist and not worth it to sacrifice.

    Kathy C.

  • Dr. Charlton and Del Mar view are fantastic!

    I was a little hesitant in finding a new dentist in SD, because all my colleagues at work complained about their dentists.
    After a lot of searching for one that worked with my insurance, I finally found Dr. Charlton's practice.

    First of all, the hygienists are great. Very gentle, very nice. You can also get DVD goggles while they work. They also have all the latest in gear for cleaning. They have some of the latest and greatest sonic scalers and not only does it work quick, but are so much more gentle that the older style ones or manual scraping.

    They also have a great computer system for monitoring you dental health and past procedures. The hygienist can quickly look at your past work and make sure it is intact and forward any concerns to Dr. Charlton.

    The other nice thing about this practice is that they don't upsell you. They don't ask about any cosmetic procedures, but are happy to answer questions if you have them. The group practice I previously went to, was always trying to get you to try this or that procedure that you "absolutely needed" even though your insurance didn't cover it. None of the BS at Del Mar view, just solid dentistry.

    They are also open late in the evening which is perfect for my schedule and they are very good about appointment reminders.

    Dr. Charlton did put in one new filling for me, which I knew I needed. Not only was he fast, but he did a significantly better job than some of the work I had done on my group plan when I was in graduate school. The bite fit was spot on and I can't even tell the filling is there.

    All and all I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Charlton and his practice.

    Brad O.

  • I am happy to have switched to Dr. Charleton as a couple of Del Mar dentists I have visited recently were all up-selling (trying to get me, a 64 year old, visaline braces), insisting I needed crowns when a simple filling was all Dr. Charleton had to do. The most amazing thing was the permanent crown he put in in 2 1/2 hours. The permanent one was completed in his office while he did the filling. I have many crowns and always dread the 2-week waiting and dealing with a temporary so to have it all done in one visit is amazing. He gets my business until I die.

    Julia W.